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I would like to invest in equities via tracker funds, some within an ISA and some outside. I would like to look into trackers that track the FTSE100, European indexes, North American and the BRICS countries being (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).
Yesterday I saw a financial advisor who was unable to offer any of this instead being something of a one trick pony. He had only some very specific products to sell which he tried to steer me into notwithstanding that this is not what I wanted. He wanted to charge me £6,000 for the privilege in addition to the investment providers charges!
Can anyone advise an economical and reliable way into this type of investment? I am looking for a reliable provider with low charges that should be possible for funds that are passively managed.
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investment platform comparison
Look at Trustnet for funds comparisons
Join the forum at Citywire
or pay me ?3,000 plus expenses and I'll sort it for you.
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