IHT - Foreign Assets

I am a UK resident and taxpayer. My parents are not UK citizens, do not
live in UK, and do not own any assets in UK.
My question is, if I inherit their assets (all outside UK) in future, am I
liable for any UK inheritance tax?
Thanks in advance.
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Whilst I personally think the answer to the implied question is obvious, I don't have enough certainty to give a definitive answer, so I would suggest asking HMRC.
However, I would point out that inheritance tax is a tax on the deceased, not the beneficiaries. The only time that money is extracted from people other than the deceased is when lifetime gifts that are still taxable cause the tax liability to exceed the value of the estate.
If UK inheritance tax were payable, the identity of the other country could be important, because there may be anti-double taxation provisions.
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David Woolley
No - if they have not lived in the UK in the past.
But you shouldn't trust me - or any other stranger - on the internet on such an important matter. So have a look at:
formatting link
which includes:
"If your permanent home (?domicile?) is abroad, Inheritance Tax is only paid on your UK assets, for example property or bank accounts you have in the UK."
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after they have been inherited?
be prepared for the third degree over money laundering regs - make sure to keep all the relevant paperwork

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