Investment instead of Paying Life Assurance

I'm currently paying for Life Assurance of 15pm on approx 45k mortgage, over a term of 18yrs. I have looked at Decreasing Term Assurance which would take my premium to 7~8pm but ideally, I want to get something OUT of this money I'm paying out. I'm thinking instead of investing a sum each month. But into what? My goals would be to achieve a steady rate of return over a long period. I would not need to dip into the fund for cash and I wish to make extra payments into it if necessary.
Please any advice? :-) Thanks
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Yes, dont confuse 'protection' with 'savings'. Mixing savings schemes with life insurance doesnt really work. Either you need a life policy or you dont. Make your mind up about that first.
Do you have any financial dependants?
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