Professional Managing Account Service

The managing account service target is from 5% to 10% monthly for trying to avoid the volatility of the forex market we do our best for making constant profits from the forex market using our experiences and trading skills. To join one of our managing accounts programs, you can contact us. We preferred the Swiss brokers as their trading strict regulations. So we have chosen one of them giving us instant granted executions of our positions in a professional way. You can have this service if you have no time or experiences to trade by yourself but if you are mainly looking for having trading skills and strategies to improve your performance, you can join one of our trading services like the chat trading service to have an instant connection with an FX Consultant to help you during the trading day.
The terms of the managing account service are
The performance fees are 20% monthly. No management or fixed imposed fees. Just 1 pip commission.
Your account should not be less than 20k$
The trading is mainly on the changes of the market sentiment and what's containing it currently for making a trend like what has been done by the sub-prime loans in US, or the interest rate differential..... Or whatever of what's can contain the market sentiment from time to time. These can move the rates and change what was discounted and the best to buy and the best to sell. That's mainly with an appreciation of some technical factors which can persist and take effects like the psychological levels ???. I use a good trading system helping me to take the decision beside the experiences and the trading skills which have been had from the market. I let the certainty to determine the used margin percentage and it is from 5% to 10% to get use of chances for a close limit and longer term limits. We are ready to answer your questions about our trading services and any taken position. You can send us asking about the market, our performance and how you can join our managing account service....
Best wishes
FX Consultant Walid Salah El Din E-Mail: snipped-for-privacy@fx-recommends.com
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