a sheep in wolf's clothing ( an accounting question posed to a statistical group !)

This post descibed a typical accounting problem regarding monthly data and IMHO should be of interest to readers of this group. The OP posed a ( to him ) a simple question. As usual answers to simple questions
are usually much more complicated than expected by the initial poser. If the OP had more knowledge he would have known ( or at least thought ) that there was no answer to his question ...but angels go where devils fear to tread. His question motivated an answer describing a basic solution provided by AUTOBOX . If one has an abundance of time on his or her hands then the solution provided by AUTOBOX could be programmed in R or SAS ... saving that one might be better advised to reach out and exploit already existing functionality available in existing software.
http://groups.google.com/group/sci.stat.math/browse_thread/thread/f0a5a180e2ecc0ac #
Dave Reilly Automatic Forecasting Systems http://www.autobox.com 215-675-0652
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