AIG: A different perspective

This is the most important message I've ever written. If you agree with the sentiments, please send this on to others. Thank you.
Thinking about the AIG debacle today, I finally realized what needs to be done to resolve this issue. The problem is, everybody's waiting for the government to do it, and it's just not going to happen that way. This is going to require a grassroots effort of the people, by the people, and for the people.
So what does a grass-roots effort look like? Do we shout and holler, find like-minded people and harangue our politicians? I think there is a more effective way to do it.
The way to reverse this nightmarish financial freefall we're in is to reverse our direction! We're pushing the wrong way; instead of leaning on politicians to give us what we want (which they don't do), we need to switch our point of view and lean on the corporations who are offending us.
Case in point: AIG. We need to spread the word so that AIG customers get this message: Cancel your insurance with AIG and give your business to someone who can take better care of you. After all, if AIG has 200 million dollars to spend on bonuses you know they're overcharging people! (You may remember AIG was also in the news last fall for their extravagant events even after news of the financial crisis was out.) They are overcharging you and me!
This is something we need to start doing with all the companies who feed off the prosperity of America, and it definitely needs to start with the abomination AIG has become. This is the way things are designed to happen in America. Spread the word; let's see if the will of the people demands a change. If not, then things will continue the way they are going!
The glory of our past is that we stood up to demand human rights and dignity. The shame of our present is that we remain seated in the face of atrocities. Our government has taken 700 billion+ dollars of our future prosperity and given it to corporations that couldn't even maintain their own finances in the first place, and some of those companies continue to do the very practices that led to our dire monetary predicament. And what do we do? We demand the government to step in and make it right. And sit back and wait for them to comply.
But that isn't how it works! We need to step in and make it right. That's what grass-roots is all about; that's what patriotism and love-of-country are. Why are we waiting for someone else to take care of us? The American people have been lulled to sleep. The atrocities get worse and worse (remember when we were upset about the price of sugar going up a couple of dollars?).
I remember when I complained about seat belt laws being unconstitutional. The Texas Department of Public Safety officer told me, "We're just enforcing the laws." Does the law reflect the will of the people, or does it reflect a profit somebody is making off the people? To make real change today, the will of the people must be heard like a mighty lion's roar!
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D. Mark Scott
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