Placeholders 'stuck' in transaction history

I downloaded some 401k transactions and accepted some entry that
created placeholder values for one of the securities I have in my 401K
account. I have since gone back and completed the entries so when I
look in my transactions for this account I do not see any placeholder
However, when i go to Security View for the particular security and
look at the transaction history, I still see the placeholder
transactions there.
Is there any way to get rid of these? If they didn't show up in my
reports I would ignore them but....
I have run a validation and that did not correct it
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There's no reason to validate and no way it would have any affect on your situation; placeholders are not corruption.
The only way to get rid of a placeholder is to delete it.
Normally, when you have entered the historical transactions for a security that cause your actual holdings to match the number of shares in the placeholder, Quicken "hides" the placeholder. To delete a hidden placeholder you must unhide it; and doing that may be different depending on which version of Quicken you have. (Another good reason to specify that when you ask questions).
One way to unhide a placeholder is to delete a transaction that is part of its history ... or change a transaction that is part of its history by altering the number of shares. Once the history doesn't add up to the number of shares in the placeholder, the placeholder will become visible again.
Another way to unhide a placeholder - if you have a Quicken version newer than Q2005, is to check the Quicken "Investment Transactions" Preference, "Show hidden transactions."
You should be aware: once a Quicken investment transaction has been "linked" to a placeholder transaction, that "linked" transaction will never act normally - it will never affect the cash in the account - even if the placeholder is deleted. (At least for versions through Q2006; I do not have Q2007). In order to "fix" a transaction that has been linked to a placeholder, you must not only delete the placeholder, you must delete the linked transaction, then re-enter it.
Having said all that, you don't have to delete the placeholders. I don't know why seeing them in reports should be troubling; if all the other factors (#shares, cost, etc.) are correct, the placeholders should not be a problem.
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John Pollard
Thanks SO MUCH for this tip. I've been dogged by "hidden" placeholder entries. Your suggestion to SHOW HIDDEN TRANSACTIONS in the Edit->Preferences->Investment Transactions dialog is a LIFE SAVER. Thanks so much!
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Derek, Thanks for pointing out how to get to the place to edit preferences. Going to Quicken to get an answer is a complete waste of time. Thanks again
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Gerard Hasselbach

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