American *VS* Foreign Companies' Tax Rates

American *VS* Foreign Companies' Tax Rates
Although I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a tax expert, I'm good at long-division using a spreadsheet. Also, I am quite able
to discern the income statements of any public company using sites like
I analyzed the income statements of a random assortment of foreign companies. These companies are based all over the world, and they have been somewhat weighted to properly reflect that particular's country in the world economy. The sample size of foreign countries that I used was N".
From my previous report, I determined that the 500 biggest American companies pay on the average: 2.4% of their revenues as taxes, and 32.4% of their pretax income as taxes. The foreign companies, on the other hand, pay 14.3% and 32.9%, respectively.
Based on this, I would think that, basically, the US and foreign corporations pay about the same rate of their pretax income as taxes.
However, the foreign corporations have much higher pretax income, when compared to their American counterpart, and: 1. They seem to have much less costs and higher profit margins, in general. 2. The foreign companies must incur less depreciation costs, less COGS/SG&A (which is employee compensation), and less interest costs than when compared to their American counterparts. American corporations pay more to their employees, and this cost decreases their income (both pretax and post-tax), but this doesn't impact the ratio of PreTaxIncome/PostTaxIncome.
I have the data from the 22 companies that I analyzed down below.
Please give me feedback on my analysis.
Annualized Revenue    Total Pretax Income    Net Income 48948    5640    4348 86604    -5920    -9860 59473    23483    15390 26289    24372    17178 40187    5184    3888 87735    19299    13138 35478    9001    6660 59473    23483    15390 105216    14888    10368 355782    50576    31331 118912    7694    5666 356959    129238    87062 88083    20028    10011 835037    204381    145625 56441    10684    8906 22716    7452    5214 38947    7487    6518 136824    25335    13181 32242    15233    11825 108897    6543    4120 291438    31611    20843 8090    2093    1521
2991681.24    635692.22    426802.79 % Taxes from PreTax Income        .32860 % Taxes from Total Revenue        .14266
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