Weighted Average Income Statement of 326 Profitable Companies

1.21883E+13 $1.00000 REVENUES 6.69200E+12 $0.54905 COGS 2.79314E+12 $0.22917 SGA + R&D + Marketing 5.77263E+11 $0.04736 DEP/AMOR 1.30299E+12 $0.10691 INT 2.88004E+11 $0.02363 TAX 1.16534E+13 $0.95612 TOTAL COSTS 5.34865E+11 $0.04388 NET INCOME ----------------------------------------------------------------
I analyzed 326 profitable companies from the S&P 500 Index. I discovered that their total revenues is ~$12.2T, and the total net income is $535B, which amounts to a 4.4% net profit margins.
By far, the biggest expenses for a corporation are: COGS, SGA/R&D/ Marketing, Interest Expense, DEPRECIATION/AMORTIZATION, Tax.
I'd like to do the same sort of analysis with non-profitable corporations as well. Their tax rate is 0%. I'd like to analyze why are they unprofitable (high interest payments? Depreciation/ Amortization? High COGS? etc.).
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Its mostly because they choose to be.
They most dont charge enough to be profitable if they charge at all.
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Rod Speed

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