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I need guidance and help with filling out corporate books for a non-
legal purpose. I work for a family owned software company. there are 2
brothers who owns this 50% each but they have incorporated it as S-
Since it is a family owned company they didn't have any need of
keeping corporate books in order. Now the company wants apply for a
minority status with govt. agencies so they can be eligible for
certain special projects and for minority owned business.
The minority certification agencies all require that the following
documents from corporate books be submitted duly filled with the
1. Articles of Incorporation and amendments including date approved by
state and filing receipt.
2. Minutes of first and most recent shareholders, Board of directors
and Corporate organization meeting.
3. Corporation By-laws
4. Both sides of all issued stock certificate(s) and the next
consecutive un-issued certificate (not a specimen copy)
5. Stock Transfer Ledger
6. Proof of Stock Purchase
Can anyone help me duly fill out these documents so I can finish my
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"Jdoshi" wrote
Here in our town, the trophy, award, engraving shop makes up corporate minutes, corporate seal, stock certificates, etc.
See who in your town does that and order up a set. You'll have to back fill in the names of the company, officers, shareholders, etc. either by hand or on an old fashioned typewriter. But a bulk of the corporate papers are there with fill-in-the-blank spaces as needed.
For additional help, maybe see their attorney for help.
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