Tax season is over. Now what?

From the ProfitCents Newsletter - July 2008
"Each year we resolve to make our practices better during the summer months. We develop ideas and plan to implement them. Then, whether its
business or family, we often get sidetracked. Everyday life seems to dampen our initiative.
We all know what to do. List all firm improvement projects, prioritize the list, create the plan, schedule the time, and stick to the plan. The question is how do we do it? Meeting this challenge requires both diligence and vigilance.
Heres how I solved the problem: First, I schedule exclusive project time and protect that time from interruption. Then, I list every major distraction and write down what I will do to counter each one. Since outside interruptions are one of the most common I communicate the plan to my staff, and they become my firewall, protecting me from interruptions during scheduled project time. I delegate everything I can. I encourage my staff to encourage me, and I find a project accountability partner whether its my spouse, a key employee, or associate.
Regardless of firm size, by designing a plan, scheduling exclusive time, and most importantly, remaining vigilant in eliminating distractions, we can build effective new habits and accomplish our practice improvement goals."
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