A good firend of mine is starting a Wi-Fi business and is offering me the CFO position. My experience is is with the broker-dealer business, not the wi-fi business. I have 24 years in that business, and six as CCO. I am not a CPA, and I was not the CFO. I do not have any kind of college degree.
Does anyone know what sort of certifications (if any) that are required for that business? In the securities business, no degree is required, but you have to pass a series 27, I wouldn't have a problem getting that, but that is a FINRA license, and probably not relevant.
Is there any sort of certification or training that I should be concentrating on? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Don Condit
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I don't really see how the particular line of business you are considering would affect your training/certification needs any different than any other line of business at least in technology. If you are concerned about radio waves and becoming licensed because of that, the entire Wi-Fi industry is built around using *unlicensed* frequency band, so no worries here. I am assuming (given the Wi-Fi term you used) that the company will be dealing with pretty much consumer-grade wireless networking devices where any licensing needed is covered by the manufacturers and is passed onto the dealers/installer/end-users. Unless your company is going to be manufacturing the said devices, you can get all the training you may need, mostly for free from the manufacturers although as CFO I don't really see any need for you to be that much familiar with the equipment. Once again, unless your company is going to be in the manufacturing business, I don't see any difference with any box-moving dealer/install business out there.
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