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LLC formation
Hi, I used a web-based service to cheaply create an LLC. I want to make sure it's taxed as an S-corp based on things I've read. Form 2553? Where do I find this, and where do I file it? Also, I...
12 years ago
IRC Code 414(u) military deferral, Rev Proc 96-49, CFR 1002262, IRC 414 (U)(3), DOL Reg. 20 CFR 1002.265(c)
IRC Code 414(u) military deferral, Rev Proc 96-49, CFR 1002262, IRC 414 (U)(3), DOL Reg. 20 CFR 1002.265(c) I was doing some research on these topics. I have a brother in the military. Does anyone...
12 years ago 1
Please help! Entering Credit Card Purchase
I need to enter my first company credit card purchase and discovered that I need to set up an account for the credit card. I understand the entries as follows: When I enter the liability to the credit...
12 years ago 2
Writing off a Short Term Loan
I have been carrying for a few years a "short term loan receivable" amount. My boss now tells me that they don't owe us, and if they do he can't go back on it. Believe it or not, although I disclose...
12 years ago 1
What motivation does a privately owned company have to increase Net Income?
Since there is no concept of share prices (which derives its value from the Net Income - NI), why should a privately owned company, which is typically owned by a family, let's say, have NI? Why can't...
12 years ago 5
NEW Book for QB consultants
If you want to provide QB consulting services or bookkeeping, you should get the new book "Successful QuickBooks Consulting--The Complete Guide to Sta.rting and Growing a QuickBooks Consulting...
12 years ago
Can computers automate accounting?
In my department we review our bills. Mainly we look for non-allowable costs and bills without substantiation. Then we add up the bills and compare them to what AP sends out. Can't a computer do this?...
12 years ago 2
Overhead, Fixed/Variable cost
Hi I have "overhead is 60% fixed manufacturing costs, 25% variable manufacturing costs, and 15% allocated general corporate overhead". I want to find out break-even point. So I know the variable...
12 years ago
SEO Expert Services
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12 years ago
(JOB) Audit Professional/CPA
My client an established and growing Atlanta (perimeter area) firm seeks an Audit Professional with a minimum of five years audit experience with privately held companies. They offer a professional...
12 years ago
Revised Post Small Business Accounting Software
What we need is an accounting program that will allow us to enter the following information per order (listed below). Then keep track of it all and generate custom reports in various ways such as...
12 years ago 2
Free Tax Deductions Tips - 6 mistakes most make
Free Tax Deductions Tips Maximum Deductions with Pocket PC 6 Common Mistake Most Make "Six Things Your Accountant Will Never Tell You About Maximizing Deductions the Right Way..." Inside you'll...
12 years ago
Free managerial accounting software
Could you please suggest me a free managerial accounting software. I need it for educational will be nice to be regulate with the Internetional financial reporting standards. This may help , IFRS...
12 years ago 3
free basic accounting software to download
Good day dear members of the newsgroup. Please I need your help in the following one. Please can you tell me of a good free basic accounting software for Windows to download? It should manage Value...
12 years ago 1
The Internet's First Economic Network
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12 years ago