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What is the general consensus on SQL-Ledger? am just starting to use this package, and it seems very capable... But I have never used any other accounting package before, so I have not point of...
12 years ago
Good accounting software for small business?
I just bought a small neighborhood market. What is a good accounting software or program? How much does it cost? Where do I purchase one? What will it do? If I buy one, will I be able to fire my CPA...
12 years ago 3
How to record an S-Corp Distribution in the Ledger?
I originally thought that I could credit the Distribution equity account, and to balance that, debit the Cash in Checking account. However, this causes an increase in both accounts. Since I wrote...
12 years ago 2
Accountant/Bookkeeper (construction), Covington, GA to $48K
Accountant/Bookkeeper (construction), Covington, GA to $48K Very well established Contractor in the Covington area has opening for an Accountant/Bookkeeper. The successful candidate will have strong...
12 years ago
risk by paying employee cash(under the table) or not?
Husband & wife owns a tiny neighborhood convenience store(sells groceries, beer & wine, lottery) & works 7 days a week (about 80 hrs/week). They've been working in this arrangement for past 5 years....
12 years ago 6
is being in the accounting profession even worth it anymore?
Every accounting job I've ever had was very difficult. I am changing careers. Part of what makes the accounting profession difficult, I think, is that there aren't enough people out there to do the...
12 years ago 9
Retrospective Purchase Order
Hi, can you explain me what excatly Retrospective PO is and when it's created? thanks Lebowski, If you document a purchase you have already made by creating a Purchase Order after the fact, that could...
12 years ago 1
hire a CPA or do it myself(just purchased a business)?
We just bought a tiny mom&pop market in Los angeles county. The market sells groceries, beer & wine and lottery. The store is about 700 sqft. We don't have any employees since it's so tiny. Should we...
12 years ago 2
Charging PST in an invoice in Simply Accounting 2007 Basic
Hi, while preparing an invoice for a customer in Simply Accounting 2007 Basic, I selected G2 as the Tax code, meaning 6% GST and 7% PST. The GST calculated correctly, but the PST didn't calculate at...
12 years ago
what book to choose to practise questions for CPA
Can somebody please tell me what book to purchase for cpa tests. i noticed that many books e.g. Wiley repeat questions in newer editions...i got Wiley BEC and plan to take this part in the following...
12 years ago 5
I found this to be very powerful
This program got me creating the life that I desire. It is a simple, yet powerful,system that got me beginning to fulfill my goals. Best of all, it is FREE. Check it out at
12 years ago
CK-ERP (Open Source ERP / CRM / MRP) v.0.23.1 released
A new release, v.0.23.1, of CK-ERP, has been posted at , . This release features connectors for MirrorMed, ClearHealth, OpenEMR, and osCMax. XOOPS connector has been enhanced to provide group- module...
12 years ago
Accounting Software -- Sales Receipts?
I need accounting software that will allow me to print and give customers a sales receipt (NOT invoices!) in order to print or email (email order confirmation)? The type of business I am starting is...
12 years ago 7
Accounting degree or buisness degree?
Is an accounting degree a better choice over a business degree even if not necessarily wanting to be an "accountant" per se? I had a friend tell me to get an accounting degree rather than a business...
12 years ago 1
navision vacancy
An experienced Microsoft Dynamics NAV Consultant is required in our implementation team to assist with the successful implementation and maintenance of our client's Microsoft Dynamics NAV based ERP...
12 years ago