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An accounting assignment need help!
Write an essay of 1000 words (excluding references) on the following topic: Discuss the following statement, which was made by the owner of a small business to their accountant: "Given that my...
12 years ago 3
Sales slips or Receipts?
I have looked for the ability to create customer receipts in accounting software and most only let you make invoices. How can I get my accounting software to make customer receipts or sales slips?...
12 years ago 3
Newbie question about cash flow statements, and also about common stock.
Why it is standard in the US to release individual quarterly data for net income, but accumulative data for the entire year in quarterly cash flow statements? Also, I was under the impression that the...
12 years ago 8
Auto Standard Mileage Deduction
For 2006 it's 44.5 cents. So if I used my Van 100% of the time for business and drove 25,000 miles it would be $11,125.00? "Stinger" wrote Yes. The only addition to that would be for parking and...
12 years ago 1
Paying an employee *VS* a non-vested Investor/Owner of the company
It's far more profitable for a corporation to pay their employee in the form of dividends than it is to pay them in the form of wages. Suppose that there is a mature company which is growing at the...
12 years ago 16
Hi there I have a sole propieter buisiness and do not yet pay myself regularly but take out a bit here and a bit there so i dont take a lot of money out of the company. Now the place is doing better I...
12 years ago 2
Simply Pro 2007
Anyone know how to combine vendors in this version?
12 years ago
TAX-ID? Federal ID? EIN? Social security number? what to use for small business?
I am in the process of purchasing a tiny neighborhood market that also sells beer & lottery. It'll be a sole proprietorship under my name. Me and my wife will be the only ones working(no employees). I...
12 years ago 2
Receiving a monetary gift and need advice.
A friend of mine came into a large sum of money from a legal suit and is planning on giving me $25,000 as a gift. I'll be using the money (along with mine) to start a web-design business. The money...
12 years ago 3
Accountant needed in NJ ( US citizens and greencard holders ONLY)
We are looking for a qualified candidate, who can assist our client in their accounting needs. Please contact : Here is the requirement: Qualifications : Candidates are required to have a Bachelors of...
12 years ago
Study ACCA/Dip. in IFR in Canada
Dear All, Good Day, Stouffville College the only ACCA college in Canada is granting admissions for ACCA and Diploma in International Financial Reporting. If interested visit our website or email us at...
12 years ago
1031 exchange ? or not
Question: I have a single family residential that I'd like to sell and then use the proceeds to buy a 4-plex. I live in Southern CA. I have never reported the income from this rental and never claimed...
12 years ago 1
revenue vs. cogs per GAAP
Say you have a company that sells two products X and Y, where X is used by Y (e.g. plastic bullets for a BB gun). The company selling X and Y have a contract with their customer that says the more of...
12 years ago
other peoples frustrations with the accounting world
Hi all, I'm a second year accounting student. I currently work as an accountant for a medium-sized insurance company. Every now and then I see these posts of people who can't find jobs as accountants...
12 years ago 8
word of warning to the average entry-level accountant/accounting student
The accounting world can be okay or it can be absolute hell. This will largely depend not on the accounting job itself (industry, sector, public, A/R, A/P, etc.) but rather on factors that are largely...
12 years ago 8