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microsoft accounting express
Do you have any opinion regarding Microsoft accounting express? I have a small, 2 person business. I do not do any payroll, nor inventory. Just some simple quoting, invoicing. I like the integration...
13 years ago 1
Which accounting software is the best to replace Netsuite?
Our Netsuite (web hosted accounting software) increased price by 70% from last year. This triggered our decision to change to a new software. In our company, nobody really likes netsuite and anyone...
13 years ago
which invoicing software?
Hello, I need software that makes invoices. A bookkeeping software is too much for my needs. I use Outlook to keep my contacts. Please let me know your recommendations. Thank you very much. Talal...
13 years ago
Revenue Recognition and Up-Front non-refundable Membership fees
Given a promotional service provided by a retailer involving a membership discount program, how should the up-front non-refundable fee be accounted for? differed income based on amortized schedule? or...
13 years ago 2
fair fee for simple S-corp 1120 ?
I'm getting ready to shop around for a new accountant due to problems with my business partner and my current accountant. I want to ask what level of fees is reasonable for the work I need done? I...
13 years ago 4
IRS revenue agent GS-0512
Anyone have any tips on interviews with the IRS? I have looked over the website.
13 years ago
I graduated with my BS degree a year and a half ago. I have a year and a half of experience as a Staff Accountant. I will more than likely go back to graduate school after I get more experience. Does...
13 years ago 4
Gift Card Question
How would you journalize a transaction where a customer spends $100 dollars and earns a $20 gift card for their next purchase. Keep in mind that the merchandise margin is 50% and the card expires in...
13 years ago 1
CEOs are paid (lavishly) to screw over workers
Suppose that there is a small, publicly traded company. This company has 10,000 employees, and it has annual sales of 1,000,000,000 ($1b). Typically, the CEO's compensation package is based on the...
13 years ago
Accounting question
Do you have ot be a jew to be an accountant? I FUCKING HATE JEWS. On Sun, 08 Apr 2007 14:39:30 +0200 there was an Ancient "raven1" who stoppeth one in No, you hate yourself, Kenny, for being a...
13 years ago 12
From state accounting to public accounting !
Hi, I graduated from overseas with BS degree in Business Administration, when I moved to United States I evaluated my transcript and it was equivalent to BS degree in Business Administration with a...
13 years ago 2
Banks That Still Distribute Real Checks with Statements
Somehow apparently the bank lobbyists managed to get a law passed that says they no longer have to give you a copy of the check with each statement. You can contact your bank and request them to...
13 years ago 1
Become IRS agent with very low GPA? Is that possible?
What's the chance of recent college graduate with accounting bachelor's degree and a very low GPA(2.7 cumulative & 2.1 major out of 4.0) becoming a IRS agent? Should he/she just give up on his/her...
13 years ago 1
Newbie Question
Hello- I am interested in pursuing a career in accounting...I just wanted some story is that I own two successful retail stores yet I want to do something interesting and travel. I am...
13 years ago 5
CPA Review Material
I have been researching CPA review material and I am overwhelmed at what is out there and wanted in site on what you thought was the best review material (books, software, audio, etc.) for the money...
13 years ago 1