I need online portfolio tracking.

I have been using Quicken online portfolio for the past several years. It's worked really well. A couple of advantages: it gives almost real time pricing of stocks, it allows me to look at multiple portfolios on the same screen with totals of all portfolios, and it allows me to show purchase prices and gains.
But, Quicken decided this is too good a thing, and they went and ruined the site. They re-did the site and rendered it practically unusable. It gave wrong numbers from day to day, and won't allow me to see all portfolios at the same time.
So, I am now looking for another online portfolio tracking site. I am willing to pay a nominal fee for it. It must allow me to track multiple portfolios of stocks, bonds and T-Bills.
What's your favorite site?
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This is not online software, but I use GnuCash to track my personal finances. The best thing about GnuCash is that it is free. See
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I like Yahoo Finance's online program. You might also investigate Ticker Spy. Both are free.
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