worthy portfolio management software?

I am wondering if someone here can help me, I am looking for some portfolio management software that will make my life easier by being able to:
- handle property, stocks and derivatives in the one product rather than three separate products
- manage several portfolios that are different (eg: my personal investments as well as my investment club in another portfolio) without them interferring with eachother
- prepare accurate capital gains reports including capital gains components from distributions as well(!) not just sales
- calculate capital gains accurately by taking into account tax deferred components at the time of sale!
- include free data feeds from major exchanges worldwide (not just NYSE and NASDAQ) so that i can revalue my US, UK and Australian stocks easily
- ... and preferably do currency conversions so that i end up with everything in GBP rather than a mixed bag of currencies
- import trading data that i can download from my online broker
So far I have looked at around a half dozen products and only the "Manage Invest" portfolio manager does this. Have any of you used Manage Invest? What did you think of it? Are there any others can do all of the above?
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