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Medicare has just announced new premium bands for 2010. Essentially, beneficiaries whose adjusted income exceeds the target amounts ($85,000 single, $170,000 joint) will see steep premium hikes.
Current beneficiaries whose income is under those thresholds will not see a premium increase for 2010. Rather, the increase that would have applied to them will be paid by "federal revenues" (which for the most part means "taxes".)
My question is this: What about the premiums for those who elected one of the Medicare Advantage plans (from private insurance companies) and whose income is under the threshold. Will their premiums be covered by tax revenues also?
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In article ,
Everyone (except those on MedicAid) will pay the same "1st tier" part B premium - $96.40 for those who were in Medicare Pt B in 2009, $110.50 if you join Medicare in 2010. The $96.40 will remain in effect until at least 2012 and any increase after that will be limited to the COLA increase in Social Security payments (unless Congress changes the rules).
Part B was supposed to cover about 25% of the actual program costs of the previous year but cant increase faster that the Social Security premium so that dollars received after the part B deduction is not reduced.
Premiums for MA plans (if any) are plan and county dependent.
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