what can I own in a roth IRA

Simple answer, yes.
It must be done through a self directed IRA, and there are a number of warnings that come with such a process. No self-dealing or dealing with relatives. It's a great idea to buy a rental property need the kid's college and rent to him and others. Just don't do it in the IRA. All cash flow has to occur from the IRA, so if say, a repair is needed, there had better be enough money in the IRA or transferred from other IRA money to pay for it. Else, you might have a situation where you need to make a deposit that's not permitted. The IRA can borrow funds but that has multiple rules to avoid UDFI, (Unrelated Debt Financed Income).
To do so takes some very professional advice. I have my own questions regarding the process, and know just enough to tell you to seek a pro.
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