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What happens to people who lose their homes etc
Here's a question that bothers me. Let's say that a family borrowed [too much] money. Due to job problems or some such, they run out of money, default on the mortgage, get foreclosed and kicked out. W...
11 years ago 8
mutual funds holding commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS)
Which mutual funds, either open-end or closed-end, invest in CMBS? They have plunged in value and have been a cause of the stock market crash. An article on CMBS is at . I think CMBS may currently be ...
11 years ago 3
"Stay the course"? Bah humbug!
decline starting on 9/3/1929. The fact that DJIA enjoyed expansive growth during the period afterwards -- e.g. 136% for the 12 months ending 7/19/1933 -- seems irrelevant to someone who was holding se...
11 years ago 38
roth ira
Married guy has roth ira three years old. Is dying. He dies. Account not 5 years old yet, wife is beneficiary. What happens? See IRS Publication 590 at Dave
11 years ago 1
Reverse mortgage math?
I am curious about the math of reverse mortgages. I have done a google search and looked at some sites, but I cannot find anything that makes it clear to me. Disclaimer: I am __not__ considering a rev...
11 years ago 36
Opinions on Short ETFs
Some say that the slump is here, some say that the worst is still to come. Either way, would investing in short ETFs to offset the losses in their counterpart ETFs - e.g., SH for SPY, DOG for DIA, etc...
11 years ago 10
Investing v/s paying off mortgage
This eternal question has been discussed several times, but with the recent turn in events of the stock market, I'm confused. I'm 32 years old and have around 30K of money that I could use to either i...
11 years ago 8
corporate bonds are the new stocks
Corporate bonds and loans have become the "new" stocks. The day-to-day volatility of corporate bond mutual funds, especially junk bond funds, has become comparable to "normal" stock market volatility....
11 years ago 2
old retirement acct: total withdrawal vs higher annuity?
Hello. I hope someone can give me some sound financial advice. About a year ago, I resigned from a "state" job, which I had held for approximately 7 years. After a lot of procrastinating, I'm finally ...
11 years ago 2
Stimulus as solution?
The more I think about this, the more I have reservations. The current thinking in Washington seems to be that we need to stimulate individuals, businesses and governments to spend more, thus breaking...
11 years ago 23
Bond Funds - Good Idea or Not
Sorry, this probably more appropriate for , but that place is out of control. I transferred a 401k from a previous employer to a personal 401k roller fund right before the markets started tanking in S...
11 years ago 8
Pension Default Question
I previously worked for a large US Corporation with a defined pension plan. A few years ago I requested and received a pension estimate from them based on my age at retirement. I expect to start colle...
11 years ago 2
Debt collection
Hi all, I need some advice. I just got a letter from a debt collection company saying that I owe the Viriginia dept of taxation money for taxes unpaid for 2005. The letter is dated Sept 25th but I onl...
11 years ago 6
Large percent changes on stockholders equity section of 10K
margin. Any ideas why the large change? Restricted stock 2006: (128) 2007: (97) Percent change: 24.22% Accumulated other comprehensive loss 2006: (1645) 2007: (1461) Percent change: 11.19% Without hav...
11 years ago 1
Criteria for choosing a bond fund?
I have never invested in bonds or bond funds but I am trying to work on my asset allocation and I think I need to add bonds to my mix. I do not intend on being a bond trader so I am concentrating on b...
11 years ago 2