Configuring Peachtree for a network drive

Ok... my computer died and I have to replace the HD. When I installed Peachtree 2006 the first time I had to alter a file so that it looked for the data on a network drive, but now I can't remember which file I altered. Does anyone know the file name? If I can figure that out then I can look at an existing one on another computer to figure out what I need to change.
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The file being referred to is the ini file which is located in the Windows folder. The actual name varies with the Peachtree flavor and year. For Peachtree Complete 2006 it is called PCW110.ini with the PCW indicating "Complete" and the 110 indicating the 2006 version. Open that file in a notepad window and at the end of the 3rd paragraph, change the line that reads DATAPATH= so that it matches your data path. Don't go directly to your company data folder. For example C:\PROGRAM FILES\PEACHTREE\COMPANY\ is ok but not C:\PROGRAM FILES\PEACHTREE\COMPANY\AMEBUISU where the AMEBUISU would be your company data folder.
Hope that helps.
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Diane Koers

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