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Persistent Machines Launches, Providing Web-based Property Management Software
Kansas City, MO - ( )
Persistent Machines announces Beta Release of, offering a simple solution for Real Estate Investors and Property Managers., a property management software application, beckons it's customers to "Tame your properties" with Lease, Rent, and Income/Expense tools available from the convenience of the web. Persistent Machines is offering a free trial period during their beta phase where customers can manage up to 20 properties.
The web-based aspect of RealBooksOnline is advantageous over desktop applications because customers no longer have to fret about the latest upgrade headaches from companies like Intuit or worry whether the next version of Windows, Macintosh etc. will "play nicely" with their desktop applications. Since the customer only needs to have a browser and an Internet-enabled computer, all upgrades are transparent to the customer and their data is backed up securely online.
"It's your data; we just give you the tools to tame it. Export tools are provided for you to get the data on your desktop. Customers get excited about the export features because they don't feel like their data is locked in some black box where they are not allowed access. Our philosophy is to offer our customers the freedom to choose." says John Morrissey, Product Manager at Persistent Machines. Currently at the time of this release, data is exportable to Excel spreadsheets.
Additionally, customers can access their data from any Internet-enabled compute. If a customer needs to share data with an accountant or property manager they can allow them to logon to their account and view the same data.
RealBooksOnline listens to their customers. New tools, reports, and more interactive features are in the works to meet the needs of its customers. RealBooksOnline is scheduled to go live 2nd quarter of 2007.
Visit for more information.
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