Quick Books for Property Management

I see that Canada and the UK both have a version of Quickbooks "Ready for
use" Property Management. Will there be a United States version soon? If
not could someone send me a blank company and the help files so i can figure
out how to setup QB for property management!
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I have seen you recommend this several times.
How many properties do you use to manage this with? I am looking at some alternative to Quickbooks. I manage the 80 properties I own as well as 25-40 other individuals properties.
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Craig Bartels
how much does Yardi cost? I always feel a shiver when a web site has lots of info but not even a hint as to the price, or if it is a one time fee or not.
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Gil Faver
For the number of units the OP is tracking Quicken isn't the best option. From their website:
"However, Quicken Rental Property Manager 2.0 does allow you to track more than 10 properties (technically, it can support up to 100 properties, each with 100 units). Some current customers are using it to manage more than 30 properties, but many of them find it cumbersome and lacking features that would help them manage large numbers of properties more easily."
-- Tara
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