Peachtree 2004 on network some users can't see forms

This is unusual. I have Peach tree 2004 setup so all the data is on a network drive. I have two users on the network who both have the same permissions to the folder. When they open the company and then go in the menu to Reports Accounts Receivable there are some standard forms that come with peactree. Both users can see those. Then there are some custom forms that were created by the user. One user sees them the other user does not.
If I log on to a different machine as the domain admin, and install peachtree I can see all the forms. I logged on to the PC of the user who can't see the forms, removed and re-installed peach tree (as the domain admin) and I cannot see the forms. I don't get it at all. However, this is why I thought they should have renewed support. I'm at a loss, any ideas?
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The data path is not setup correctly. If their data path is incorrect, they can maneuver to their company data but they won't see the customized forms.
Open their Windows folder and look for a file (not a folder) called PCW110.ini. Open that file and in the 3rd paragraph, look for the line that says Datapath=. That line probably says something like this: Datapath=C:\Program Files\Sage Software\Peachtree\Company
Change it to the drive where the data is actually mapped to. For example... P:\Company
That should fix the problem.
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