unitcost issue from jrnlrow.dat

I am a Crystal Reports expert helping a local school. I'm writing several custom reports for them. This school sells Scrip items and needs to have an invoice and other reports that display the unit price (calculated from PriceLevel1Amount) and also the unit cost. The unit cost has been an issue.
As of yet, I've not found an accurate cost field. In fact the only cost field that brings back a value that is anywhere related to the unit cost or last unit cost values is the 'laborcost' field from the lineitem.dat file.
Peachtree support says that the unitcost field on the jrnlrow.dat table should contain the exact value for the line item sold. It should also retain the value at the time of sale. So, if the cost changes over time, this field should retain the cost changes for each transaction. Unfortunately, when I put that field on my report, it is returning a price, not a cost.
Any ideas or do you need more information.
Please let me know. Thanks, BL at NotYet Studio
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