'Find Item' in RMS store & HQ needs Supplier Reorder Number

Please consider this for 2.0.
If a user can search for an item by Supplier, they should be able to search
by Supplier Reorder Number.
The need is obvious by how many ISV's have created software to fill in the
big hole.
Peter Johnson
American Retail Supply
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Peter Johnson
It is scheduled, don't remember if 2.0 or 3.0.
For now, a workaround is to put the re-order # as an Alias for the item.
SO Admin | File | Connect | put in your password | Database | Backup | Query | New | copy the following into the Query & press F5
INSERT INTO Alias (Alias, ItemID) SELECT SupplierList.ReorderNumber, SupplierList.ItemID FROM SupplierList WHERE SupplierList.ReorderNumber NOT IN (Select ItemLookupCode from Item) AND SupplierList.ReorderNumber NOT IN (Select Alias from Alias)
DELETE Alias WHERE Alias IN (SELECT Alias FROM Alias WHERE Alias '' GROUP BY Alias HAVING COUNT(Alias) > 1)
DELETE Alias WHERE Alias = ''
Close and do not save the query, unless you want to use it again.
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double sweet! thanks Jeff, an acknowledgement that it will get addressed AND a workaround.
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Peter Johnson
Jeff: Could you make that into a TRIGGER? On INSERT of a new SupplierReorderNumber, insert a new entry in the alias table.........
My purchasing guy makes new ILCs all day long and would use the 'alias feature' almost immediately. He wouldn't want to wait for me to run your script to update the Alias table.
BTW: What happens when 2 suppliers have the same SupplierReorderNumber for the same ItemLookupCode? ILC# MyItem1 -> vendorA -> SupplierReorderNumber is Widget234 ILC# MyItem1 -> vendorB -> SupplierReorderNumber is Widget234 (This happens with many common items in the bicycle business. E.g., all my suppliers sell the same kickstand, and most call it 'KS-1')
Wouldn't the uniqueness be violated in the alias table?
Thanks, Tim
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