MS POS (Not RMS) Lockup Issue

We are using MS POS and frequently experience a system lockup in the midst of
entering a sales transaction. The cursor displays the hourglass, the base
taskbar identifying the employee logged in disappears, and Task Manager
indicates POS is not responding. This behavior cannot be duplicated or
anticipated, it happens inexplicably and at the worst possible moment, and
the only resolution we have found is to kill the app and hard boot the
machine (Casio QT8000); attempting to soft boot or restart POS produces an
application message indicating the MCR (magnetic card reader) is not
responding and do we wish to proceed without it. Only hard booting the
machine allows us to return to expected functionality.
We have installed the latest Casio OPOS drivers, replaced the printer (Casio
UP-360), received the latest MS POS binaries.
Is there anyone else on this forum having issues with this hardware/software
partnership? We purchased the Casio QT8000 with Embedded XP and MS POS and
are stymied by the suggestion of Microsoft that it would be an ideal solution
for my wife's coffee shop. (The application does not permit customers paying
by debit/credit to enter a gratuity, negatively impacting by 25-40% my
employees' income).
M Kalmus
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M Kalmus
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I don't believe I have ever seen anyone else posting here about the MSPOS/Casio bundle. Either it's not a very popular combo, the folks who buy it aren't newsgroup users, or you got a lemon...
You've probably noticed that the folks who post regularly are strangely silent whenever MSPOS comes up. That might tell you something... Or it might not... I knew that I was never going to sell a copy of it about 10 minutes after installing the beta for the first time and I haven't been back since. It's very pretty, but it lacks features and I have never had a prospective client who it was viable option for.
I think I told you before that I have a hard time characterizing a business that is so heavy on tips as a "Coffee Shop". Starbucks is a coffee shop - there is no tip line on their CC slip. It sounds like you have a "Restaurant" - MSPOS and RMS are decidedly NOT recomended for Restaurants. I know that isn't helping you now.
I would suggest that you disable the MSR in MSPOS and get a standalone credit terminal from your Merchant Services provider. That should allow you add the tip line, although you still won't be able to easily record it in POS. Actually, I would suggest that you eat the cost and go get a system that actually meets your needs, but I believe you've said before that is not an option.
Glenn Adams Tiber Creek Consulting
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Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]
Thanks, Glenn
I'm not going to disagree with you about the Casio being a lemon. When we first had driver issues, I tried contact Casio technical support and they didn't know anything about the product. Our intent on going with the QT8000 was the benefit of its tiny footprint, ideal in a coffee shop where countertop real estate is at a premium.
We went with MS POS because of Microsoft's emphasis on usability (my background) and the fact that a coffee shop will likely have frequent employee turnover and new employee training needs to have a shallow learning curve. The product is user friendly (with the exception of system lockups) and adding/eliminating items, tracking inventory, and monitoring sales are easily accomplished from a remote management location. It's just not a mature product yet.
I have been in frequent communication with both development and support engineers at Microsoft; I have to say their support efforts have been diligent and we have been able to get past some debilitating issues. Far superior to the support we've sought from other manufacturers (read: Casio).
And I will disagree with you about CC tipping at coffee shops (including Starbucks --- which has a gratuity line at its airport facilities). I feel this was an early on requirements gathering shortfall by the development team.
M Kalmus Dogtooth Coffee Company
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