Run Time Error 91 In RMS-POS

I am encountering a Run-Time Error 91 when trying to enter opening or closing
amounts in RMS 2.0
I have the latest Hot-Fix's
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Do you get this error on your 1st try of putting these total in or re-entering the total again.
It sound like MS try to fix a bug from RMS v1.20187. In RMS 1.20187, there was no way to track the number of time opening and closing amount were change and when the draw was pop open.
When we had a confenence call with our VAR and MS on this bug in RMS 1.20 and know if it is fix in 2.0 or 3.0. MS mention this would be in 3.0.
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I get the same error when I try to Recall some Work Orders, but not consistently. I also get it when Recalling a Hold. It is followed by an Internet Explorer Script error.
I have the latest HotFixes for 2.0 and I have all the updates for internet explorer.
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I'm getting this error also, when recalling items from layaway, but only on layaways with a large amount of items on them. If I split it up into some smaller batches of layaways I don't get the error anymore?
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