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Instructions on how to import an existing QuickSell 2000 database to Dynamics RMS 2.0
Can anyone help me find a set of Instructions on how to import an existing QuickSell 2000 database to Dynamics RMS 2.0. I went to the Microsoft Partner Source and the life of Quicksell 200 has expired...
7 years ago
Ingenico Windows 7 64 bit compatiblity
Business is purchasing a few hp6300 systems to run as POS machines to replace our aging terminals. We plan to retain our Ingenico Signature pads, but are curious if there is an issue with them and...
8 years ago
Verifone PinPad 1000se - Packet Setup - Pls Help
I cannot figure out what format the packet needs to be to send and receive data via Serial (usb). ie DATA {LCR} With a Com port viewer I can see only the EOT symbol when the cancel button is pressed...
8 years ago
Price Levels with Price Entry at POS
We are having an issue with customer price levels and items with open prices. If a customer is set to Price Level A (it doesn't matter which), and is selected at the point of sale, if you try to add...
8 years ago
Supermarket Database
Hi, I would like a link to the database, if its still available, email: thank u We D'Liver -------------------------------------
8 years ago
RMS Inventory Issues
One of our clients is having issues with inventory. They will frequently have items with wrong quantities in their system. Theft is most likely not the issue since some of the items missing are large,...
8 years ago 1
Product Images
Hello, I do not want to have to visit every computer uploading pictures every time new ones are taken for a product. So, I went into Store Administrator and changed the picture path to a folder on our...
8 years ago 2
Inactive items and sales history
If I make old items inactive, does that affect the sales history numbers or does it just hide those items hidden in the Item Look Up window? You will still be able to sell those items if they are...
8 years ago 1
Microsoft RMS Dynamics 2.0 - Adding Standard items to a Matrix and setting dimensions for it.
Hello, We are trying to integrate our POS with our website. The website needs to show an item with two options. However, due to various reasons, these same items are single standard entries in the...
8 years ago
Runtime error 94 invalid use of null
when creating a matrix item on the till. we go into quantity view and the error appears. Microsoft RMS Windows Vista Thanks, this is when creating a matrix item on the till. we go into quantity view...
8 years ago 1
Ingenico OPOS SDK
Would any one have or be able to point me in the direction of the Ingenico OPOS SDK Thankyou
9 years ago
Run-time error '91'
I use Microsoft retail management system store operations V 2.01. My server went down and i continued transactions in the offline mode. When connection to the database was restored, i tried syncing...
9 years ago
Wireless Barcode Scanner
Hey all - I have been using RMS 2.0 for about 3 years now.. I am curious if anyone is using a 'wireless' barcode scanner. I think this would be a good investment for a couple of reasons. 1.) less...
9 years ago 2
Transaction Table Column Uses
Does anyone know what the Status column or the ExchangeID column are used for in the RMS Transaction table? I have a few hundred thousand transactions and none of them have a value other than 0 for...
9 years ago
Custom - Daily Sales Report.
Hi everyone. we am looking for a report similar to ; in a daily format, showing 365 days. I tried to modify the report into what I want but failed, if you are able to do it, nice, we are willing to...
9 years ago