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I do not want to have to visit every computer uploading pictures every
time new ones are taken for a product.
So, I went into Store Administrator and changed the picture path to a
folder on our LAN server. Not only did that not work, but now changing
the path back to the default file location does not make the images
show in /store Manager either.
I tried restarting everyhting.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.
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I had put this on the back burner since the day I posted this and decided to revisit it today.
I have resolved it with a very simple fix, hopefully this helps someone one day.
All I did was choose a new path, In administrator, to some other folder, in my case I chose images/html then saved that choice.
Closed it out, re opened it, chose the original path and saved it. It now works.
Not sure what that was about, but anyway.
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