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Using a picture server for all of our item pictures. Works great for all stores being able to have the product image available. While only having to post the picture in one spot.
The problem I now have is that the Labels Designer can no longer display our store logo when we have the Store Operations Administrator Picture path set to our website hosting the images. I have uploaded our logo to the picture server hoping that it would grab it from there; it doesn?t. I obviously tried using the Magnifying Glass search when creating a label. It see?s the picture, but still displays ERROR. I have tried several different sizes of pictures; still no luck. Is anyone else currently doing the same thing with there item pictures? If so how do you use the Label Designer?
I currently have a computer at each store with the picture path set at its default, which points to the Picture folder under Store Operations. We use that computer exclusively for Labels. However these computers cannot see item pictures under the Properties Special Tab.
Thanks, Neil
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Have you tried mapping a drive to the network location? that may help.
Windows Explorer (Not IE), Tools/Map Network Drive...
Glenn Adams Tiber Creek Consulting
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Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt

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