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Does anyone use RMSCart or has anyone heard reviews of it?
12 years ago
How to set-up HQ for at least 300 store connection?
Hi! I need to setup RMS HQ V 2.0 to connect with 300 RMS Store Ops V2.0 in a very near future. Does anyone here has that experience or at least know a partner that has similar experience??? If so, I...
12 years ago 2
Transfer Inventory Out
Ok, so we have a customer doing a TIO to a supplier. They create the TIO, Choose the type to be Supplier, lookup the Supplier and head into the Contents tab. They use Quick Scan to add items (With Use...
12 years ago 2
Dollar Amount Discount
Hi everyone, I was wondering how to handle doing a specific dollar amount discount in POS 2. We have some coupons that we have issued that have specific amounts, such as "$5 off of your next...
12 years ago 3
Unable to print with EPSON TM-T88III Receipt Printer
Hi Guyz, I have EPSON TM-T88III Receipt printer installed on Windows XP. (This is installed using windows drivers). In the Printer Properties>On Font tab, it's not displaying the list of supported...
12 years ago 5
POS calculation tax for 100% Discount
I posted this earlier. If you set a 100% discount for a transaction and then choose an article which has "pricemustbeentered" = 1 and enter a price the POS calculates the tax for the entered price and...
12 years ago 1
Total Qty in POS screen
Dear All, Please is there anyone have updated the POS screen to show the total quantity of the transaction & to show the total amount of the transaction before discount? Thanks in advance, Best...
12 years ago 1
Snapshotquantity vs. Quantity
Hi everyone, for some reason we always have some differences between Snapshotquantity and Quantity. As far as I understand the snapshotquantity represents the Quantity in the Store, transferred to the...
12 years ago
Run a report to get a complete stock valuation for any past date
Currently there is no report available to automatically generate an Inventory Cost (Value) Report for a previous date, for all branches in HQ. ---------------- This post is a suggestion for Microsoft,...
12 years ago 1
HTML with total for the current batch
Looking for HTML code that would display - Total sales for the current batch & register, Tax, etc... to replace current file. Dan hi Danny, find on this newsgroup I long time before posted this. Hi...
12 years ago 2
CVV Code in RMS
Does RMS have the ability to enter the CVV code? I have a client that will be charged without the CVV code, and I can't find where to enter it. Any info would be great! Catzilla, Currently there is no...
12 years ago 3
EDC network error
I keep getting a network error occured... as soon as we try to do a test transaction in RMS. We went through the setup many times using preffered acquirer setup but keep geting the network error. We...
12 years ago
Ithaca Itherm 280 - error when POS & Manager open
If both POS & Manager are both open the receipt won't print & we get error: "Invaid Operation 425: The printer cannot be accessed. It may be locked by another application." Printer sharing is checked...
12 years ago 1
GP and RMS
Is there any one using GP with the Import from RMS? Does it work well? Any issues? Hi there, RMS ConnectPro from Professional Advantage has been designed to help the users of the Microsoft Retail...
12 years ago 1
Item movement report should include quantity on-hand.
Presently the Item movement report does not have the option of showing the quantity on-hand. This would help in determining what to order. ---------------- This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and...
12 years ago 1