Unable to print with EPSON TM-T88III Receipt Printer

Hi Guyz,
I have EPSON TM-T88III Receipt printer installed on Windows XP. (This
is installed using windows drivers).
In the Printer Properties>On Font tab, it's not displaying the list of
supported fonts & font sizes.
Please guide me in this. I am unable to print with this printer.Also
it's displaying the status of this printer as 'Not Available'
Why is it so?
Thanks & Regards,
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We use OPOS driver for our TM-T88III with no problems. It seems to me in previous posts there have been a lot of issues using Epsons window's drivers. Most people end up using OPOS. If you must use window's drivers you might be better off switching to a Star printer. There doesn't seem to be any issues with their window's drivers. Craig
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Hi Guyz,
I have reinstalled my EPSON TM-T88III printer and installed it as Serial 'Com1'. This has solved my problem.
Thanks for your valuable replies.
Regards, Sam
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Marc - Thank you so much. Those two changes got my printer working, I was starting to lose it with trying every fix under the book. I saw a lot of people using the drivers for the tm88ii but I figured there must be a solution!
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