UPC shelf edge tickets from Epsom receipt printer?

I hope someone can help. We want to print barcoded shelf edge markers using
the item print function (from an item record) and an Epson TM-T88III (series
3) receipt printer with OPOS drivers. We have found that using the windows
driver for the item label print locks the receipt printer to the windows
driver and will not release it without a reboot of the PC - we need the
driver to release the printer so that a subsequent transaction can be
performed by POS usint the OPOS driver. We have tried the windows driver for
receipt printing but it runs tooo slooowly. The OPOS driver is not happy
printing the item label and does not print the required barcode - any help
without having to tell all my customers that they need two printers - there
is a competitor system (here in the UK) that allows this to be done.
Thanks in advance
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