Using Epson receipt printer in MS Word?

I am seeking to install an Epson TM-T88II printer to Windows XP and
then print custom receipts using MS Word. I connect the printer via
the serial port. I am guessing I have to install the printer via Com1
and when it asks for which driver I want to use, I am not getting the
correct option. Can anyone advise where I will get this driver? Am
I doing this the correct way?
Thanks in advance for your help.
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HI John,
You get on right path. I have already done this with my previous company and use the same printer. Yes you need to install the driver first, here are the steps:
1. Click add new printer in the print property 2. Select the COM1 as your port 3. In Printer Manufacturer select your Printer (can also use the Have Disk to provide the correct drivers locations) 4. Once everything get installed go to Printer and right click and select the properities 5. Go to Ports Tab and then select your printer then click on Configure Button. Select 9600,8,None,1 and apply it. print the test page. (May select Hardware for testing purpose)
You can also go to command prompt and type this mode com1:9600,n,8,1
The printer which you have created off course you have defined the name to it. Go to Store Manager > Databases > Registers> Click the Regiser and Go to Receipt Printer1 and then in the property Select the Windows as Printer Type and in Windows Device name specify the Printer Name This should match with your printer name in Print Control Manager.
Last thing the Serial Printer is normally slower than other printers.
If Works please Rate or give your comments.
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Akber Alwani
Thanks for the response. I found the driver I was looking for at
formatting link
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