Receipt printer issues

Hi! I am currently migrating from QS 2000 to RMS. Before I go live I need to
know if everything works and it does not. I have an Epson TM-T88III printer
that works great under quicksell as a text printer. Now, I only have windows
or OPOS options under RMS. Since I am running live on Quicksell, the report
printer (an Epson Stylus) is connected to LPT1 where the QS dongle is
connected as well. I connected the Thermal printer to the other parallell
port and nothing. I installed the thermal as a windows printer downloading
the drivers from Epson and still nothing. Important to note is that RMS
dongle does NOT recognize it when connected to LPT3. I have tried LPT1 and
using the Epson port that is created by the drivers and still nothing. Is my
only option now to install OPOS? is that the way to go? I managed to get the
Scanner to work without OPOS. The Pole display works with OPOS.
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