Receipt Printer Nightmare

I am trying to setup a RMS. I have attached STAR TSP600 thermal printer and
a MMF cash drawer. I have installed driver for "Star TSP613 Raster Printer
with status monitor"
Under Receipt Printer 1 I have chosen Windows option and typed the windows
device name as "Star TSP613 Raster Printer with status monitor"
I have connected the printer to parallel port and chosen LPT1
When I perform a sale, it says printing receipt but nothing gets printed.
I am not familier of OPOS.
Can someone guide me please. I am going nuts right now.
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hi, first you all you are not using at all OPOS driver as you said you selected the windows driver so make sure from your control panel > printer and select the printer then make the test page print if it print that's mean your drivers are okay but if not first try to resolve that.
Let me konw if the above work.
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Akber Alwani
I am using Star TSP100 with RMS. If the cash drawer is OPOS the printer needs to be using OPOS. If this a plug and play (I think thats what you call it) when the printer installs, go to control panel right click on the printer then config from there. I will be happy to help. Star was also helpful through their tech support.
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It is better to use OPOS than windows printer specially if you are attaching the cash drawer on it. Go to the star website and download opos driver. Then install it to your computer with the proper com port configuration. "Remember you cannot make the drawer work if you attached it to a windows printer"
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