EPSON POS Receipt Printer TM T88III problem

Hi guys, first post here and hope some of you can help or have
I just bought a new TM88III thermal receipt printer (serial) and a
serial cable from the POS-WAREHOUSE ; i am using RETAIL PLUS 2.0
download/trial version to test out the POS.
I have a PC running Win XP.
When I was testing the POS, I have no problems of the POS software
after a transaction is done, we hit ENTER and it will print out an
invoice from our inkjet printer. This mean the POS program is stable.
I have gone to download the driver software A301.gk (or something like
that) from official EPSON support website and install/configure it. I
selected serial driver, and COM PORT 1 (serial port 1) and install,
then reboot. After that, i do see a printer driver (set as default).
Then when i try to use NOTEPAD to print out a line of numbers, it takes
a long while for anything to come out (5-10 minutes) and it prints out
some Garbage characters. And when i used the POS software, and simulate
a transaction, hit ENTER/PRINT, the hour glass appears, and like 5-10
minutes, then a receipt prints out with Garbage characters.
I googled some comments, and tried "deactivating" ADVANCED PRINTING
FEATURES, PRINT DIRECT TO PORT, none of them seem to improve the
It doesn't print properly and it takes a long time ....does anyone of
you have any advise ?
Tks in advance.
I have implemented BusinessVision with TM U200 receipt printer before
with my last POS and i found this time round. it is hard.
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You are posting to the Microsoft Retail Management System newsgroup, so my first advice to you would be to NOT use the Retail Plus 2.0 software. Secondly the driver you downloaded doesn't look like any OPOS/Windows driver I've seen. Are you sure you went to the
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website? You may need to register with them before you download the driver. OPOS ADK 2.50
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