POS not opening (Printer issue)

Problem: When I have the HP A794 thermal printer connected and a 2nd
printer(Brother Fullpage printer) is connected to the computer store
operations POS will not open. I do not have the brother configured
inside RMS, it is configured in windows only. When POS does not open I
have to close it from task manager. The only way I can get POS to open
is to open manager first and then open POS. Any other way will not
I took the brother printer out of the equation and everything works
fine with just the A794 plugged in. The A794 is running on a OPOS
Any suggestions ? I am pretty sure it is having COM conflicts, but not
sure how to approach the problem.
Thanks guys !
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When you have an opos using the defult class mode it will not allow to have two usb printers installed at the same time. This problem can be fixed by changing the opos driver to Native USB instead of the defult Class USB. If you are using hp there is a tool with in the HP CD or you can call HP to help you with it. Please let me know if that solved the problem.
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