issues with thermal recipt printer drivers

so everytime i start microsoft point of sale i get a message that say: ther
is a problem with this device witch i identified as the thermal recipt
printer, check the cables and make sure that OPOS software is installed
properly. then goes on asking if i whant to run the program withouth such
device or not.
thing is if i start the program with the supplied cd rom containing the
driver inside the cd rom drawer the message would not pop up and averything
is fine and happy.
kind of crazy, i tried everything i could think, all drivers are upgraded
and installed succesfully. system is HP PoS bundle RP5000 w/ windows
embedded for point of service, retail software is microsoft Point of sale. i
love this product ans wish to get this issue solved so i wont have to run the
system with that disc in the cd rom bay at all time. any help is grately
uppreciate. Thank you Thank you Thank you
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just an update. while i am still looking to fix this issue installing/reparing MSPOS unistalling reinstalling drivers. also deleted the regular windows printer, though that maybe coused a conflict. not the case. so what i finded out is actually this. in eiter POS manager or POS if i remove the thermal printer from the registri setting, you know, where the arrows are, where it say what device to add to the registri. anyway if i remove the printer then the software ask to restart in order for the changes to thake effect. then the program start fine withouth any error message. of course the printer wont work then. btw if you wonder, neither microsoft or HP tecnical support have a clue about why this behavior is happening. and again if i add the printer to the registri with the supplied cd into the drawer then everything is fine. i have also set up for credit cards payments all by myself with citi merchant services. everything works fine eccept for this bug that is not letting me getting any sleep. againg this is an update maybe will give a better idea of what i am going trough any suggestion will be greately appreciate, before i thake it the hard way and restore/wipe the all system. BIG> Thank you
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Thank you very much for the repy Jeff, appreciate. the POS version is not the latest. it reads 1.01 i guess i have to find out how to get an update since not have a maintenence account. i bough it trough Best Buy for business. the printer is a HP_UBS thermal recipt printer that came with the bundle. model EY023AA You can see it at this link
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566today i spent few more hours on phone with the tech support guy at HP that is handling my case, we tryed different thing he suggested but none thing he is insisting is that the printer once the drivers are installed and shows in windows hardware manager it should also show in the Printer and Faxes folder in control panel but it does not. although it works fine when the drivers are loaded from the disc. one odd things, whenever is working and the POS is on, the red power led indicator in the back of the printer blinks constantly but works just fine. no blinking when POS is not open.well i think maybe sunday i am gonna to unistall the POS maybe run a CCcleaner then reinstall and see what happend. will backup the database on a tumb driver first of course Thanks again man. hope any of this infos may turn a light bulb on, i dunno. btw after the drivers install i though i should have a configuration utility to configure the printer. right? no trace of it Thank you
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Do you have Version 1.02 and Revision A CD?
Copy all the files from \Receipt_Printer\OPOS\ from you CD to your HD
run the "Install.bat" again from you HD
The CD has problem. you not supposed to install from CD.
by clicking the About command on the Help menu. If the version number shown is 2.0.1112.0, the Refresh was successfully installed.
your reseller or MS for the update
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