POS Printer & Cash Drawer (PointofService.dll)

I have an issue with RMS 2.0,
I;m using POS for .NET 1.11.
I'm trying to Print a Custom Receipt from an External Program that
i've written.
I'm Using an Epson tm-t88iv on parrellal port with cash drawer
connected to port on printer.
the program works perfectly when the cash drawer option is disabled on
the register list.
and share opos printer setting is checked in Configuration.
but as soon as the cash drawer is enabled for rms it locks out the
printer also.
i get a claim error on the device. (something like. tried to perform
an illegal operation).
is there anyway to claim this printer while the cash drawer is
this is vital for the operation of this addon.
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Yeah i'm using Epson ADK 2.6.
I feel that RMS Locks the Printer indirectly by locking the cash drawer thats attached to it! When the cash Drawer is disconnected it works fine. and also when we use the cash drawer on the Cash Drawer port on board on some machines it works fine. Thats not always an Option for some of our clients as they are using PC instead of dedicated POS Machines.
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Hi Rob,
I use a lot of PCs for clients as well and I also use the Epson thermal printers but go for serial interface rather than parallel. Cash drawer is connected to the printer. If the printer is using COM1 the drawer also uses COM1. I've stuck with Epson ADK 2.3 and it all works fine. If the PC doesn't have a serial port (and a lot don't these days), I use a USB/Serial adapter and set the COM port number in Device Manager. In my setup, there is no need to share the printer with other apps in the Configuration.
Not sure if that helps you at all but might give you some ideas.
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Ah i think you've misunderstood me! I have a Program i have written is Called from a custom POS button and it needs access to the printer.
all the peripherals (printer,cash drawer, scanner etc...) are working perfectly from RMS. but i need to get access the printer from my program while RMS is still open. This i can do if the cash Drawer is disconnected but not while it is connected! I hope i'm explaining my self correctly.
thanks again. Rob.
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