How to remove remineder on opening Q17?

Every time I open Q17 r15 Build, I get a splash screen
wanting me to update to Q18. How do I prevent the dialog box from
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Of course it means something.
You have to do this every year that a new version comes out, regardless of what version you have.
So don't loose the recipe. You will need it again. And again.
Here is the recipe, which has been stated here before:
1. Checking or unchecking the box "remind me later" or something does nothing. The nag will continue.
2. Go to the web page as if you are going to upgrade. I don't think you have to go very far at all in the upgrade web site to effect the turn off of the nag, as it thinks you have upgraded or something.
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Taxed and Spent
I found a fix for the upgrade nag using Quicken 2013 and 2017 Premier (this should work for all versions of Quicken). Find the app/roaming folder on your machine. On my Windows 10 machine, the path is c:\Users\Username\Appdata\Roaming. From this Roaming folder, go to the \intuit\quicken\config folder. You should see a file named QUSER.INI. Double click on it to open it. To make sure that quicken is using this QUSER.INI file, notice the number after the ExecNum= (in my file, it's the 2nd line). Exit out of the QUSER.INI file. Restart Quicken. Quit Quicken. Open the QUSER.INI file. the number after ExecNum= should have increased by 1. If this is the case, change the number to 0 and save the file. Exit QUSER.INI and right click the file. Select Properties. Under the attributes section, select read only. This prevents Quicken from changing the number after ExecNum=. I found that if the number is less than 4, the nag screen doesn't appear. Note: Before doing this, make sure that the most recent files list is the way you want it. Quicken won't be able to change this list. This is not a problem for me, since I use the same file every time. If you want to keep the ability of Quicken updating the recently used files list, you can change the number to -999 which will give you 1,000 startups of Quicken before the nag screen appears.
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Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson wrote in news:_kpVB.84406$
Thanks. Looks like a perfect solution.
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