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Inter store Transfer report
Is it possible to generate, at store level, an Interstore Transfer report (transfers in and/or Transfers out) that shows transfers by item and by date range? hi dave there is already some reports avai...
12 years ago 1
Updating the item.picturename column
Hi all ~ I'm trying to update the picturename column: UPDATE ITEM SET ITEM.PictureName=IMAGES$.PICTURE --ITEM.ExtendedDescription=SHEET1$.Ext_Discription FROM $,ITEM WHERE $.UPC I recevied the folowin...
12 years ago 2
Off-line Mode - Tables
What tables are used in off-line mode? Dan
12 years ago 2
Balance column in statements NEEDS to be a running balance!
12 years ago
Custom Report
I need a customized sales report. Just want to simple changes to the sales report. ( add up all # of item quantity sold during a given date range) Are there service providers that you can have used an...
12 years ago 2
SQL Help Please!! :)
select , , AS Discount_Description from item, quantitydiscount where item.quantitydiscountid = and item.quantitydiscountid 0 The select query above returns item lookup code, description, and the quant...
12 years ago 7
Cashier rights
Is there a document that outlines the privilages that are allowed in the Cashier Rights menu? What is affected by me granting "Allowed access to Pricing" other than being able to give discounts in the...
12 years ago
Z report Customization
Hi folks, How do i customize the z-report so that I can chose which department sales i want..for example..i only want to show department sales for: Produce Meat Candy instead of all the department sal...
12 years ago 5
matrix's have they gon backwards or forwards in v2.0
12 years ago
Gift Registry?
Does anyone use a RMS integrated gift registry? I am currently using RMS 2.0 with Nitrosell as my web integration. I bought into Marcole's registry system and it is "ok" but I'm having some annoying p...
12 years ago 2
inconsitant profit margin
In the detailed sales report. The profit margin (%) does not reflect the $ profit if there is a refund in the detailed sales report. the profit ($) is positive while the sale is negative, obviously th...
12 years ago 4
Volume Discount Problem
I am running RMS 2.0 SP1. When you have a volume discount set for 2, the volume discount price is used for the sale of 1 unit. Has anyone else expierenced this? Thanks, TomT I just finished testing Ho...
12 years ago 1
Chat on Inventory taking/counting, reconcilation
Would be nice to have a chat on Inventory taking, reconcilation, item movement, etc... before the year end (Dec 31 for us). Any tips/tricks in making year end counts easier would be appreciated. Dan -...
12 years ago
Why doesn't HQ work right when it comes to Inventory?
Maybe I'm too stupid to use it right. I just ran a test, and in my opinion HQ failed miserably. The test: From Store Ops, generate a test PO. One line item, an ILC that had zero on hand and a prior co...
12 years ago 2
How to make "colspan" on receipt's and fullpage XML
Hi everybody, does anybody know how to make a "colspan" on the tag ?. I need to type a two-line entry like this: "|" "|" Entry.Quantity "|" ExtendedExclsvPricePlusDiscount I need an HTML-like "colspan...
12 years ago 2