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Store sales not updaing in HQ item quantity
On normal worksheet exchange, HQ does not update qunatities sold at store even though history is coming over. Any ideas?
12 years ago
>>>Live Chat Today 10:00amPST:Microsoft Dynamics RMS - Matrix Item
Do you have questions about creating and maintaining matrix items in Microsoft Dynamics RMS? Want to learn more about component items, dimension sets, and attributes? Chat with Retail Management...
12 years ago 2
RMS 1.3 Off-line mode report
Hi Folks Using RMS 1.3X and doing a three day trade-show. Running in an off-line mode but would like to be able to do an end-of day reports similar to a z-report. Any suggestions would be appreciated....
12 years ago 1
RMS and PCI certification
I need some help on the RMS not being PCI/PABP/CISP I have read the RMS Data Security Standard, but it still does not make RMS PCI/PABP/CISP and put them on the list provided by Visa . What is...
12 years ago 1
Debit Cards and Vital
I need to help this client process Debit Cards. We are getting an error that says Status: FAILED Approval: 19: RE ENTER We have changed the settings again and again. Are we required to use a specific...
12 years ago 1
QSSession & PoleDisplay & DisplayLines Documentation or anything h
I have the RMS business rules reference in my project and can see the PoleDisplay commands and PoleDisplayLines, etc. etc., but can not get them to work. Does anyone know of any documentation or help...
12 years ago 1
Limit of transaction Number
My country, the limit of transaction number(receipt number) not mor than 7 digit (1 million) after 1000000 the transaction number will go back u start transaction number 1 How should I do? the RMS 2.0...
12 years ago 4
First Data now Support Direct Credit Card Support
, part of First Data Independent Sales can setup built-in credit card processing with great rates. Go Check out now. also offers referral programs. Vital or pc charge ? VITAL
12 years ago 2
PO Export to Excel - Access denied
On RMS 2.0 when trying to export a purchase order to Microsoft Excel file, I get Access Denied error with a large ('-' Negative) number in front. Please help. Thanks in advance.
12 years ago
Complier error - The following Token could not be found
This keeps coming up when im done with any transaction . I have to continue to click on it aprox 5 times brfor it will not pop up on my screen & print me out a reciept. Can someone Please help me fix...
12 years ago 5
30 Digits for Item Code
Can we make the RMS Item Code 30 digits to match GP? I know others have asked for this and I have a prospect who is wondering why I tell him Dynamics is a family of products when he has different...
12 years ago 1
Unofficial RMS Product Roadmap Anyone??
Can anyone provide any insight as to when a real product update will happen. We are caught in a maintenance plan renewal situation where I see it being difficult to justify renewal as we are still...
12 years ago
Issues Settling Credit Card Batches
Hi all, I'm having an issue settling my credit card batches and I'm kind of flying blind here as well. When I settle, all of my batches get an error. The error message I'm receiving is: Error type:...
12 years ago 2
Discrepancies between on-hand quantity and item movement report
We have an RMS DB 6 months old, the on-hand quantities on lots of products do not seem to be calculating correctly. When we go into item properties and click on Item Movement since DB was created, the...
12 years ago 3
How to select a recorded Macro from a Custom POS button
I am using a touchscreen and have the custom keyboard laid out and would like to add some quick links to recorded macro's through the Custom POS button. I have found the way to do it for standard...
12 years ago 1