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repost: 30 day evaluation key needed
Hello all, A while ago we've requested the MS POS 2.0 demo-cd 9a 30 day evaluation key was included). Now one of our customers is interested in a demo but since our 30-day demo has expired we cannot...
12 years ago 2
Synchronization issue: MS POS 2.0 & Office Accounting 2007
Hello all, i got MS POS 2.0 integrated with Office Accounting 2007, but there is one issue giving me a headache: New items, customers etc. initially made in MS POS2.0 are synchronized in Office...
12 years ago 1
Problems running credit cards
In addition to our store, we also lease out large equipment (Refrigeration, Ice Machines, ect). We have figured out that we can't get RMS to generate lease invoices automaticly each month. So, we are...
12 years ago 1
Connection Schedule
In HQ, I have changed my connection schedule for each store. However the changes are not evident at each store location. What am I not doing? Thanks. V 1.3. My understanding is that the new connection...
12 years ago 3
add taxes to item in HQ
I have a customer that has over couple hundred items without taxes assigned in HQ. Is there SQL script that will add taxes to those items in HQ database? They don't want to manually go through each...
12 years ago 5
How to do Physical Inventory
Hello, I have a Store Database that is doing a physical inventory. I suspect that they sometimes create new items in the Store level, instead of the HQ level. Also, their inventory count is most...
12 years ago 2
Z reports
Hi.. I do not know if this ever happneed to some of you guys. But sometimes all the transactions in one batch does not appear in the Z report. Apperas in the detailed sales report. Any ideas of what...
12 years ago 3
Mysterious Retained Earnings account
Other than the obvious GL table, where else would one assign account numbers? My GL table DOES NOT have my Quickbooks retained earnings account number ANYWHERE in it; however, RMS continues to post to...
12 years ago 10
Need to change barcode and commission info. for entire inventory
I need to change the barcode and commission information for my entire inventory and can't fighre out how. Barcode: Right now, it says "none" for each item, but I'd like them to all be 3 of 9...
12 years ago 1
HQ Clint Connection
Hi All We use RMS 1.2 and now we fix one server on other rigon is faar 400Km so that server is connect with us by DSL-128 is possible to make comminication with that rigon shop through this DSL. I put...
12 years ago
VAT Receipt
Hi I am looking for a receipt that details Total Taxable amount by Tax code this is for customers claiming vat back on goods bought Thanks rsn
12 years ago
Accounting Integration
Is there a package out there that integrates with some level of ease with RMS 1.3+. I have a retail sporting goods shop (for about 16 years) that does both retail and wholesale invoicing. I have been...
12 years ago 2
POS register stuck in evaluation mode???
we have a three-lane store, and register #1 (the one with the dongle) is running fine, not in evaluation mode. but register #2 is running in evaluation mode? we've tried re-starting POS and rebooting...
12 years ago 3
Cannot authorize more than $99,999.99 on a credit/debit card
when I enter and pay with credit card tender type, I have Error "Authorization eror 'Cannot authorize more than $99,999.99 on a credit/debit card' " How should I do? Plz help me.... > well, you are...
12 years ago 4
Administrator Rights
The cashier that has administrator rights can set security property, I give one cashier this privileges to able to create and modify cashiers property but need him to be unable to set security... I...
12 years ago 2