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Bugs in MRMS 2.0
Hi All, Interested in knowing about the bugs in MRMS 2.0. This will enable me to prepare myself to face the crisis. Thanks in Adv, SR hi SR. you can read all issues raised to this newsgroup...
12 years ago 3
Problem with the Float Function in MRMS
Hi Mates In MRMS i could see the cashier can do a sales transaction without entering the opening float. Could see a problem on this Suppose a customer purchases an item worth 2$ and tenders 5$ to the...
12 years ago 1
Account payment Receipt
On the full Page receipt i would like to only see the the transaction i am paying against and the total amount in payment. How can this be done?
12 years ago
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12 years ago
Runtime error 424
Hi, I have recently installed Dynamics RMS on a FEC Gladius using a serial Javelin JP88 printer and a generic unbranded cash draw. When using the Javelin OPOS driver when the POS does a force logout...
12 years ago
POS - Layaway Work Around
Hi I know POS can't accept deposits nor layaways. My question is, has anyone figured out a procedural workaround for this? -Luis TIA Hello Luis, I am in the same boat as you are. I have a brand new...
12 years ago 6
Dynamics POS 2.0
It would be really helpful with the next version if you gave this program ability to do store credit for customers and/or layaway, instead of having to use gift cards. I have a fish/coral store where...
12 years ago 1
Receipt Format
I need to format a receipt that is printed to a second printer in a QuickService area of a kitchen printer. I need the format to include the ticket number, and item descriptions only. I do not want...
12 years ago 2
Prepayments for club orders
We are a wine club and give our allow members a discount to prepay for their monthly shipments of wine. We do not charge their cards until time of shipment and during the Christmas season, from Oct....
12 years ago 2
POS screen is invisible
Our POS froze the screen was restarted and for some reason the user name and password entry box was in the upper left hand corner of the screen and once logged in the POS screen is invisible. We can...
12 years ago 1
Any way to change the transaction date?
I had a wierd issue recently when the server was restarted it went back to 1/1/2003 I replaced board battery to fix the pblm but for reporting porposes is there any way to move the sales data for what...
12 years ago 3
Bin Location on POS Screen
Is there a way of showing the bin location of an item on the POS screen? We look up parts w/bin locations quite a bit and would like to be able to see the location when we enter the ILC on the POS...
12 years ago 5
Text size
Is there any way to change the item text size that is displayed on the transaction screen? It would be ideal to make it the same size as the totals that show up on the bottom of the transaction...
12 years ago 1
Detailed Sales Report - Cost Error
Hi, When I run my detailed sales report, i include columns profit and profit margin. I have noticed that I am getting incorrect figures. The Cost, Profit and Sales Tax do not equal the Total Sales. On...
12 years ago 3
Receipt problems (POS Comments and discount codes)
Hi, I have amended a receipt with various mods based on the receipt - full page with large logo downloaded from Microsoft site. I have two problems. Firstly I would like the discount reason codes to...
12 years ago 2