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Headquarters manager or server crashing
Both microsoft and the partner that sold us HQ and RMS are saying a network connection error is not software, but the network. I accomodated and checked wiring, routers, modems, even changed database ...
12 years ago 2
items --- prices keep changing
Ok, so i'm a newbie with RMS, we have ver 1.3. So, in a nutshell, we have a small store and the store manager has informed me that when she is in the SOM and goes to Database and selects Items, she se...
12 years ago 7
Web transactions
Does anyone know which database tables i need to update if i want to import my web transactions into RMS v1.2 Are you using the web store for RMS or you have your own application if own then following...
12 years ago 1
Cashflow record of purchase orders by supplier by month
Is there any way to maintain a cashflow record of Purchase orders placed in RMS by both supplier and month? If not is there and an ADD IN programme available? Is there any way to maintain a cashflow r...
12 years ago 1
How can I add TERMS field to PO list report (store ops)
In store ops 2.0 there's a purchase order list report - I want to be able to filter by the TERMS field which is not included in the default filter; how can I edit the qrp file to add this option? Than...
12 years ago 2
Configuring Telecheck verification
Using Microsoft Dynamics: POS 2.0, I have been able to successfully set up credit/debit processing, however check verification has proved to be elusive. All information has been entered from First Dat...
12 years ago 1
updating pos
I have tried several times to up date certain line items from our hd qtrs so they reflect correctly at the pos level on micrsoft dynamics rms I have done both a worksheet 250 and upload sheet 401. The...
12 years ago 3
Restocking fee for return item (Opened or damaged)
Hello guys, How do you guys handle restocking fee? for example lets say a store has a 15% restocking fee policy for returning any opened item. 15% or more for returning damaged item returns. right now...
12 years ago 2
How can I sell an item that is in another stores inventory
Our stores holds workshops that are items in inventory. Is there a way to have a customer pay for a class in store A that is held in the inventory of store B? I realize I could do a tranfer out/in, bu...
12 years ago 2
Provide a way to delete and select files in RMS integrator
I have duplicate files listed within RMS integrator. These files have been previously posted into our accounting system. I need to delete the files from RMS integrator. I would like to be able to sele...
12 years ago 4
Store Ops RMS - OLAP
Hi Folks Trying to design some better reports using Excel's OLAP and Pivot table functionality. Has anybody done this for Store Ops - if yes what sql statements did you use? Thanks Dan Thats kinds of ...
12 years ago 6
one of my customer have a ziptape printer barcode, and he wants that it be configured for RMS. every time i try to do this i can't. i however have encountered such a problem helps me to the process of...
12 years ago 2
RMS with Retail Analytics & Merchandise Planning
Hi all, my company just recently upgraded from RMS 1.3 to RMS 2.0. We do have this software called RAMP (Retail Analytics & Merchandise Planning) installed. That is like OLAP cube built based on the d...
12 years ago 3
store item quantity
hi can any one tell me which table includes the item quantity of each store in hq database. thanks ItemDynamics thank you ryan ,i got it That would be: ItemDynamic
12 years ago 3
HI GROUPMATES, In POS screen when we press f11 ie. recall button , menu opens up with options like Recall a transaction from on hold Recall a transaction for return Void a transaction Recall a backord...
12 years ago 4