Entering GSP & PST collected by FedEx on items imported to Canada?

I use QB Pro 5 and bought something from someone in the US, for which
FedEx charged me GST and PST on the "Deemed value for tax," as well as
GST on their $7 ROD (remit on delivery?) charge. What is the
appropriate way to enter these taxes, given that I paid the seller a
different amount before it was shipped, without taxes?
The FedEx receipt looks like this:
Value for Taxes: $70.33
GST on $70.33 @ 7%: 4.92
PST on $70.33 @ 8%: 5.63
ROD Fee: 7.00
GST on $7 ROD Fee: .49
Total paid to FedEx: 18.04
How should the FedEx payment transaction reflect credits for the GST
and PST paid on the item itself? I can just enter ($4.92 + $0.49) in
the GST field but I can't do that with the PST. I get there is no PST-
eligible line item, or words to that effect. In any event, that
doesn't seem an appropriate way to do it.
Any suggestions?
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Larry Sabo
I figured it out. I just created entries like the following:
Postage and delivery Tax:G $7.00 FedEx ROD fee on Tools & Equip-Misc. Tax:S 70.33 - Value for Taxes Tools & Equip-Misc. Tax: -70.33 - Value for Taxes Owner Contribution/Draw -18.04 Personal MasterCard
The GST box at the bottom of the screen shows 5.41 The PST box at the bottom of the screen shows 5.63
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Larry Sabo

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