Estimated Tax Paid Dates and Reporting

A nuisance issue--is any tricky way around other than either
a) futzing entry dates to force transaction into proper tax year for tax reporting, or
b) customizing dates on report and forcing separate reports just for the accounts?
Background--in the Tax Summary/Detail Reports the preprogrammed dated of "Last Tax Year" based on calendar year for cash-basis sole proprietorship works well w/ two specific (related) exceptions--State and Federal Estimated taxes paid. For these, the Q4 of the current tax year is generally not paid until Jan of the next calendar year and similarly the Q4 estimate of the preceding tax year was paid in the first quarter of the current calendar year.
This, the stock report by default will pick up one payment it shouldn't and miss one it should get. The question is, is there any way one could manage to code entries such that the report generator could be forced to recognize a tax year of the payment rather than the calendar year? I can't think of one that wouldn't have more problems that it solves, but I'm tired of doing this at the moment and was looking for a diversion. :)
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